AP Technology launched
a worldwide Customer Survey

In September 2019, AP Technology launched a worldwide Customer Survey. Thanks to your answers, we have now a precise image of how you perceive our activities, our products and solutions and our capacity to fulfill your needs to your satisfaction.

AP TechnologyTM Customer Enquiry

During the 3rd quarter 2019, we launched a satisfaction survey of AP Technology™ Clients. More than 200 client representatives were contacted across the world on all 5 continents.
This is the first survey done since many years, period during which the aluminium industry saw many changes and withstood events of strong impacts.

This year, Rio Tinto’s Laboratoire de Recherche des Fabrications (LRF) (Research & Development Center) in France celebrated 60 years of creating innovative technologies for the aluminium industry. On September 19 and 20, we celebrated this event with all our employees, …
Alvance Aluminium Dunkirk has become the first company to introduce MAX, the anode pallet transport hybrid and autonomous vehicle, in an industrial environment. The vehicle designed by AP Technology teams and developed by ECA Group has already successfully completed a set …

" We are committed to bring more value to our customers. "

Smart Measurement: New Mobile Tool for ALPSYS

Smart Measurement aims to allow an operator to take a measurement with a probe connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. A dedicated application on the smartphone guides the operator and checks how the measurement is...

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Anode Paste Plant Digital Twin

During the last years, RIO TINTO has been involved in an UE research and development program in the field of industry 4.0 called Monsoon.This R&D programs aims at developing digital twin model with predictive functions...

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Remote On-Line Process Support

Over the last decades, AP Technology™ has developed, flawless processes and methodologies to provide our clients with the documentation, the know-how and the offsite and onsite support needed to implement and operate their AP Technology™...

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ANODE BAKING FURNACE – From OoM to Commissioning

Anode quality is crucial to the safe and optimal operation of any potline. More specifically, consistently achieving the desired baking quality while securing the anodes inventory at optimized costs is critical for the satisfactory performance...

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Electrolysis news


Carbon news

Rio Tinto Aluminium Articles TMS 2020

Rio Tinto Aluminium will deliver the following presentations at the TMS2020 Light Metals Conference in San Diego, 24 February to 27 February 2020

Other presentations took place over 2019

INCAL, Bhubaneswar, India

We presented four technical papers covering a wide range of technical solutions:  http://www.meetingsnmore.com/incal%20third%20layout/# Innovation and development in alumina refining capability (D Holmyard) Low Caustic Leaching...

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B Allano participated to the 2019 International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium in Trondheim for a session on New Development in Computer Control of...

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At the Air and Waste management association meeting, we presented three papers covering: Industrial process dust management, a short range LiDAR for fugitive emissions quantification...

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ICSOBA, Krasnoyarsk

At the 37th ICSOBA conference, R Chahine presented a paper on the design of magnetic solutions using MHD code to study the stability of aluminium...

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ICSOBA, Krasnoyarsk

Christos Zarganis of AoG (Greece) made a presentation on the major reconstruction of the central casing of its open top baking furnace with a view...

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ICSOBA, Krasnoyarsk

David Wong made a presentation on challenges and latest progress in IPCC methodology for estimating the extent of greenhouse gases co-evolved in the aluminium reduction...

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Light Metals Award

International recognition for a scientific article This award recognizes an individual excellence of a paper presented the preceding year in a Light Metals Division sponsored...

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The AP Technology™ team is committed to delivering innovative proven products in many critical fields to support increasing productivity and efficiency at your plant. Our technical platforms get upgraded with new technology bricks and allow adaptations of AP Technology™ solutions to best suit your own project configuration for unprecedented productivity and benchmark energy consumption.

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