Alma aluminium smelter

Anode baking furnaces retrofit works scheduled for 2020

Alma anode baking facilities (2 furnaces of 48 sections with 7 pits per section) designed by Alesa were started in 2000. In 2020, the dense refractory (fluewalls and headwalls) as well as the insulation and the crossovers will be completely renovated. Both furnaces will be raised by approximately 0.6m in order to allow the baking of longer anodes. AP Technology™ baffleless fluewall design will be used to decrease the renovation impact on the fume treatment facility and the corresponding investments.

Since the preliminary studies, AP Technology™ Carbon team is part of the integrated project team for the supply of the refractory design. We also support Alma team for refractory quality control at supplier premises and we will be a key player for the construction and the start-up of the renovated facilities.