Interactive Online Advanced Training

The Institut Paul Heroult (IPH), AP Technology™ training centre, continues to develop and to improve AP Technology™ training offer. 

To answer the needs expressed by several smelters to get access to more technical training material on very specific subjects, a new advanced training format was developed and successfully implemented in 2019.

On specific technical subjects, IPH organized a half-day video conference session with participants located in one or several smelters. The trainees are already experienced in the domain. The trainer, a senior expert, presents the chosen subject and interact with the participants to capture and share their experiences. The use of modern interactive tools like touch screen or klaxoon®makes the format attractive.

The conference is recorded and IPH provides to the participants access to both the presentation used and the video for later use within each plant.

The topics already covered by such Advanced Training sessions are the following:

  • Substation : open circuit and Surmec settings
  • Alpsys: Robustness
  • Alpsys: HF/BF

And more will come in 2020….