Smart Measurement: New Mobile Tool for ALPSYS

Smart Measurement aims to allow an operator to take a measurement with a probe connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. A dedicated application on the smartphone guides the operator and checks how the measurement is taken. Then, the application transfers the measurement to the ALPSYS  system via a WiFi link. Based on the pot information, ALPSYS will possibly validate the measurement or request an additional measurement or even to supplement the data collected.

This process makes it possible to highlight the measurement compared to the real situation of the pot and thus give the possibility to understand the context of the pot associated with the measurement. If WiFi is available in the potroom, measurement can be sent in real time to the potmicro (APM3 or APM4) or to the level 2 (APM1 or APM2). If not, measurement can be downloaded within the level 2 from the control room.

Key elements

  • Measurement device Modern & ergonomics for operators
  • Cost effective replacement of former dedicated portable device solution (same features: scheduled/exceptional measurements & data inputs)
  • improved data quality = Smart measure connected with L1 (APM3&4) or L2 (APM1&2)
  • Detection & inputs of incidents (anodes, DPAA…) sent to ALPSYS
  • User defined custom measurements/inputs (linked to L2 generic data entries feature)