18 months into the project which started mid-June 2018 more than 300 pots have been converted to AP40 pots. As we go to print the installation of the Forced Cooling Network (FCN) on Potline 1 is nearing full completion and the Alouette teams are ready to switch on the FCN leading the way to increase the amperage on potline 1 in a matter of days.

The ALPSYS robustness module was rolled out on both potlines and switched on mid-year. This module allows for enhanced pot resistance and slope calculations leading to reduction in the pot noise level, a narrower alumina content range and less pot additional resistance over target.

The Alouette and AP Technology teams have been working very closely for the past 18 months on matters ranging from potshells and conductors to operation and process practices in order to be ready for the amperage increase.

During 2019 following intense collaboration by all involved, the Alouette teams achieved to restart up to 26 pots in a month, a level never reached before at the plant.