Remote On-Line Process Support

Over the last decades, AP Technology™ has developed, flawless processes and methodologies to provide our clients with the documentation, the know-how and the offsite and onsite support needed to implement and operate their AP Technology™ solution. Today development of communication network and business analysis tools allow us to implement a new approach based on a combination of remote on-line process support and onsite short term missions that we call Technical Assistance 4.0 or AT 4.0. We started to provide such service to a few smelters late 2016 and have continuously increase the number of clients supported by AT 4.0. In 2018, we created the AT 4.0 team, bringing together AP Technology™ reduction process experts to deliver AT 4.0 services to our customers.

One team with multiple objectives

Bringing all our experts into one single team provides the opportunities to standardize and improve our tools and methodology as well as to be able to ensure the continuity of the support to our clients over time. Sharing and teamwork are the part of the DNA of our AT 4.0 team. RADAR and ALPSYS dash-boarding tool are our key tools to facilitate data analysis and to create ready-to-use standard reports and dashboard.
Our experts’ great knowledge of the reduction process and ALPSYS is unique and we are further developing it for the benefits of our clients.

The Services

Now fully integrated with the implementation of AP Technology™ solutions’ the team supports modernization or greenfield projects, roll-out of ALPSYS projects and provides technical assistance to operating smelters.
Services combine on-site short-term missions to ensure a good knowledge of our clients’ facility and to help build good relationships with the site teams with remote on-line process support which takes place through period data analysis and conference calls, usually on a fortnightly basis.

Today six smelters are currently benefiting from our AT 4.0 services.