AP TechnologyTM Customer Enquiry

During the 3rd quarter 2019, we launched a satisfaction survey of AP Technology™ Clients. More than 200 client representatives were contacted across the world on all 5 continents.
This is the first survey done since many years, period during which the aluminium industry saw many changes and withstood events of strong impacts.

With the support of Praxis, a specialized research agency in conducting customer satisfaction surveys, we gathered information that gives us robust results that are representative of our Clients and activities.

The survey targeted three objectives :

Evaluate our Clients’ level of satisfaction for five activities performed by AP over six themes and 31 criteria

Better understand our Clients’ expectations

Identify the priority areas for improvement

Global Satisfaction

Question : " The note you have just given corresponds to what level of verbal scale for you ? "

" 30 % of our Clients are very satisfied of AP Technology and the global satisfaction score stands at 7.7 /10 "

Level of recommendation

A NPS score of (+27 %) significantly higher that the Services benchmark (+ 11 %) coming from a higher rate of promoters (37.5 % vs 30 %) and a lower rate of 19 % Detractors ( 11 % vs 19 %)

Question : " If a colleague or an acquaintance asked you to recommend a supplier of Aluminium Production Solutions how would you recommend AP Technology on a scale of 0 to 10 ? "

Diving in into the results, we can see that the satisfaction threshold is surpassed on all themes but one and for twenty-eight of the selected criteria.

Our Client also singled out that they truly appreciated the technical training and the robustness and efficiency of the solutions proposed by AP Technology. This very good result encourages our AP Technology teams to continue to propose and deliver innovative and value creating solutions to our Clients.

While we are still analysing and working on the action plans to consolidate our strengths, to improve our products and services and to better deliver in the areas our Clients were calling for improvements we have already identified action programs on three priority criteria:

  • Resources availability and reactivity
  • Commercial and contractual proposition
  • Proactivity in solutions development and three priority themes
  • Pre-project
  • Technical support
  • Innovation

" Thank you once again to all of our Clients for the time they accepted to give to this survey and for their confidence into AP Technology™ Solutions. "

A few verbatim from our customers