SOHAR ALUMINIUM, Benchmark Operations

2 years after the unexpected open circuit incident that led to the complete stoppage of the Potline (stoppage in August 2017 – full production resumed in January 2018), Sohar Aluminium has been exhibiting benchmark operational performance with its AP40 pots. Some of the benchmarks achieved by Sohar Aluminium in 2019 are:

Safety: AIFR at 0.17 (Jan to Dec 2019).

Environment: Anode Effect Rate at 0.17 AE/PD (Jan to Dec 2019).

Amperage at 395 kA and specific energy consumption at 13,181 kWh/t Al, with Fe level below 600 ppm, and Net Carbon at 408 kg/t Al.

Sohar Aluminium is now ready for its next amperage increase step, 400kA and beyond.

Sohar Aluminium was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark Greenfield Aluminium Smelter and has an annual capacity of 390,000 tonnes of high-quality Aluminium, a 1,000 MW power plant and port facilities in Oman.

Jointly owned by OQ Group, TAQA and Rio Tinto, Sohar Aluminium has won global acclaim for its superior, environmentally friendly technology.