ALPSYS APM4: The new generation of Potmicro is on track

This project aims to deliver the new generation of potmicro that host ALPSYS Level 1 functionalities. The new potmicro named APM4 will replace the existing APM1, APM2 and APM3 models in plug and play mode and includes new technological advances (accessed by tablet, advanced management of new sensors on pots, graphical HMI, …)

The APM4 project is on track with the APM4 prototypes:

  • manufactured and assembled
  • installed in the LRF environment
  • having successfully passed all the hardware tests in magnetic fields.

APM4 is designed to work in a 200 Gauss environment and following the tests have now been validated up to 500 Gauss (0.05 Tesla).

Forthcoming steps are:

  • to perform the detailed validation of hardware & software (process control) by implementing APM4 on live pot in LRF beginning of 2020.
  • to install APM4 potmicros on a group of pot in a potline during S1/2020 to complete the industrial validation.