Environmental technical services

We're highly committed to addressing HSE issues

Making a difference

At RioTinto, we supply technology packages and solutions with the highest level of commitment to addressing health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues.

This includes providing customers with environment related training through it’s dedicated Institut Paul Héroult (IPH).

We also deliver tailor made technical assistance that leverages our in-depth expertise and resources. This assistance ranges from operational excellence support on scrubbing and evironmental equipment and processes to specific computation fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling activities such as workshop ventilation studies, pollutant dispersion modelling and, among others, in-pot gas collection optimisation.

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Aluminium Technology Solutions

Aluminium Technology Solutions – AP Technology™ | Aluminium Solutions and Production

Aluminium Technology Solutions – Rio Tinto’s AP Technology deliver the industry’s most comprehensive aluminium smelter solutions, combining leading edge AP Technology™ Solutions with a century of aluminium production experience