July – Forum Digital CADFEM & Ansys (virtual)

Steve Langlois presented how Rio Tinto Aluminium has developed a suite of chained models mainly built around the Ansys suite of tools to provide a good electrical balance in busbars configuration, a satisfactory MHD stability in the cells, the cells thermal and mechanical robustness, the homogeneous distribution of alumina within the cells and the ventilation of the cell rooms.  All the technologies operated by Rio Tinto Aluminium are covered in this unique Ansys model which guarantees the operability and robustness of these cells from 100 kA to 640 kA, across the technologies AP12, AP18, AP30, AP4X, AP5X, AP6X. Flexible, this model makes it possible to study various options or technological bricks which are cross validated between teams and tested in test cells in the smelters. This Ansys model is used on the same business criteria across Rio Tinto Aluminium in France, Canada and Australia.