AP Technology contributes to the RioExcel expert programme

Recognising that strengthening the technical capability, being able to have employees with future-focused skills that allows employees to pursue a technical career path and that leveraging the expertise of technical specialists and encouraging the sharing of knowledge is critical to the bottom line of the business, Rio Tinto has created the RioExcel program which is a technical career progression pathway. It allows employees whose core strengths lie in the application of their technical skills and knowledge, to be recognized and progress based on their contribution and sharing of expertise within the business. It was launched in 2019 and covers many of the technical disciplines found in the Rio Tinto Group.

We at Aluminium Technology Solutions – being the R&D and technology group of Rio Tinto Aluminium – have been at the forefront in the processing domain for aluminium and in analytics & automation. As of today, we have 10 employees recognized as Rio Expert in fields covering advanced modeling, sensors, optimization, carbon anodes, metallurgy, reduction in the technical discipline of processing.

There are RioExperts across 13 disciplines

  • In 2020 RioExperts were appointed to 4 new disciplines (Technical Marketing, Environment, Capital & Closure Projects and Energy & Climate Change)
  • Females were the first appointees for 3 of these disciplines (Environment, Capital & Closure Projects and Energy & Climate Change)

RioExperts representation is across all Product Groups and there is a growing geographic footprint. In 2020 RioExperts were appointed based in China & Singapore

RioExperts are continuing to:

  • Share their technical expertise to solve challenges & innovate for the future by contributing to progress on technology development in the business
  • Build community and capability by establishing & hosting forums e.g. technical webinars
  • Represent Rio Tinto as Industry Champions and participate in industry round tables & standards committees
  • Help build our future talent pipeline and contribute to university lectures & graduate attraction events

23% of RioExpert population are females. This is higher than for the total technical community population (15% of technical community population are female).