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AP Technology™
The world benchmark technology

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Rio Tinto Aluminium’s AP Technology™ Solutions surpass all records for reliability, energy efficiency, sustainability and productivity. World class health, safety and environmental performance translates into the aluminium industry’s cleanest technology with the lowest emission levels.

Worldwide we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive smelter package, combining leading edge AP Technology™ design with a century of aluminium production experience.

The result? A technological powerhouse with unrivalled expertise and credibility in designing, integrating, building, operating and creeping smelters with sustainable, reliable and proven performance at the lowest full economic cost.

Exceptional value, competitiveness and sustainability

Our complete and bankable power-to-product AP Technology™ offers make us the industry’s technology and services supplier of choice. As the world’s leading aluminium producer, we enable the most competitive operating cost on the industry cost curve.

Some 9.1 million tonnes of global capacity are already equipped with AP Technology™ pots.

Maintaining our technological edge

We’re committed to maintaining the industry’s most advanced and competitive smelter technology. More than 30 years of intensive R&D and innovation stand behind this commitment, driving significant achievements in:

  • Design simplification
  • Operating performance
  • Cost optimisation
  • Long‑term economic and environmental sustainability

Working closely with customers, suppliers, academic institutions and engineering firms, our experienced R&D and operating teams continue to push the boundaries of aluminium smelter technology.