Guided equipment inspection and plant operation review

Successfull testings of Realwear devices in the LRF‘s Hall Heroult and in a linning mission in ALBA!

RTAP Teleportation project team has reached a new milestone in the qualification of Realwear HMT 1Z1 devices.

Thanks to a wifi connexion between the device and a Riotinto Iphone we filmed, streamed and talked in real time, with Teams, in the Hall Heroult (LRF) in Saint Jean de Maurienne, France.

First, this device is compatible with 3M Versaflo devices, but also with half gas masks. This device is also resistant to high magnetic fields (around 600 Gauss). Audio performance is also efficient, with clear user voice transmission even in a noisy environnement (> 70 dB). Video quality allows experts to focus on details shown.

This success allowed us to test with serenity this device in real conditions, in a RTAP expert lining mission in our customer ALBA. Audio and video quality were as excepted.

“In January 2021, ALBA launched the Forced Convection Network Project (FCN) with the engineering and technical support of AP Technology™.  In order to finalize the technology package, AP Engineering required actual dimensions and details of the existing cell shells on ALBA Potlines 4 & 5.  Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, AP was unable to send their engineers to ALBA Smelter in Bahrain to conduct the on-site dimensional verification.    In order to overcome this obstacle, a Microsoft Teams meeting was arranged between an ALBA operational person wearing the REALWARE HMT-1 Hands Free Control Device (camera) and the AP Experts from the design office in France.  The REALWARE HMT-1 Hands Free Control Device allowed the AP Experts from the design office in France to remotely see the actual situation on site and could therefore direct the person wearing the device to specific details that need to be captured.    This REALWARE HMT-1 Hands Free Control Device is highly recommended, especially with regard to the travel limitations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Bruce Wilson – ALBA