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The world’s benchmark reduction technologies

AP30/AP40, benchmark reduction technologies
Our advanced AP3X cell technologies deliver unmatched benefits to aluminium producers worldwide.

AP30/AP40 smelters: delivering big benefits

Currently operating above 400kA, our high amperage AP40 pots stand as the benchmark in reduction cell technology. Fully integrated into an optimised smelter design, AP40 technologies offer:

  • Highest demonstrated amperage with development ongoing
  • Lowest energy consumption (below 12,500 kWh/t) following the development of AP40LE
  • Lowest total cost of ownership with lowest combined capital and operating costs
  • Industry’s most bankable and dependable solution
  • Most sustainable solution with the lowest energy consumption and GHG emissions
  • Unequalled productivity (above three tonnes/pot/day) and return on capital invested

Whatever your needs for improved performance (greenfield project, brownfield extension, potline creep, ...) our AP Technology™ teams can provide you with solutions that will fulfil them.

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