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Anodes quality is crucial to the safe and optimal operation of any potline. Over the last 20 years, we’ve focused on developing processes and technologies to consistently deliver high anode quality. Innovations include the SCAP-Rhodax® and Bi-Eirich processes, a high density anode forming solution, advanced baking furnace technology and a brand-new firing system.

At Rio Tinto Alcan, we know what it takes to produce high quality anodes: state of the art know-how, unmatched industrial experience, continuous R&D and our advanced AP Technology™ anode solutions. That’s why we’re the undisputed leader in designing, building and operating paste plants and anode baking furnaces worldwide.

Together these innovations provide you with the benefits of unrivalled performance, low investment costs, continuous process improvements, unprecedented reliability and simplified anode plant construction, commissioning and operation.

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