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Our industry leading AP Technology™ package is constantly evolving. Through continuous improvement and innovation, our objective is always to enhance performance – yours and ours.

Sharing technical knowledge

AP Technology™ User Clubs – AP2X, AP3X and Anode – are organised to provide a global forum for sharing technical knowledge and the latest developments with licensees around the world. These clubs are part of our ongoing commitment to help licensees achieve world class performance.

Coordinated by our AP Technology™ licensing department, the three-day meetings occur on average every two to three years at one of the licensee’s smelters. They are attended by two participants from each AP Technology™ smelter as well as by our own technical and operational experts.

Top level technical forum

AP Technology™ User Clubs facilitate exchanges on the latest developments and upgrades in smelter technology. They also provide an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing technical and HSE (health, safety and environment) experiences.

Examples of technical topics covered during User Club meetings include:

  • Amperage increase (AP2X, AP3X, graphite cathodes, slotted anodes)
  • Power consumption optimisation (lining design, operating set points)
  • Anode effect decrease (ALPSYS performances)
  • Anode quality improvement (G/S ratio, SCAP-Rhodax®)
AP18 User Club Venues
ABI, Canada1987
Karmoy, Norway1988
Tomago, Australia1989
St-Jean, France1991
Kridicevo, Slovenia1993
Lochaber, Scotland1995
Baie-Comeau, Canada1997
Nalco, India1999
Aluar, Argentina2002
Saint-Jean, France2004
Karmoy, Norway2007
Tomago, Australia2012
AP30 User Club Venues
Dunkerque, France1993
Alba, Bahrain1994
Saint-Jean, France1996
Hillside, South Africa1997
Boyne, Australia1999
Dunkerque, France2001
Alma, Canada2003
Mozal, Mozambique2006
Alouette, Canada2008
Deschambault, Canada2011
Anode User Club venues
Dunkerque, France1999
Alba, Bahrain2003
Alouette, Canada2006