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Delivering a responsible future

Sustainable development, Environment, aluminium technology
At Rio Tinto Aluminium, we’ve been transforming the earth’s resources for use in the products society needs for more than a century. We’re committed to building on this vast expertise to deliver a responsible future for all stakeholders.

Given our industry and size, we know that we have both the ability and the responsibility to make a positive difference. This drive to innovate and continuously improve is an integral part of who we are.

Reducing harmful effects

Wherever possible we prevent, or otherwise minimise, mitigate and remediate, the harmful environmental effects of our activities.

Today’s modern smelters:

  • Use non-renewable natural resources and energy
  • Emit atmospheric pollutants including fluoride and greenhouse gases
  • Generate waste some of which is hazardous

AP Technology™ provides advanced control features to minimise environmental impacts by:

  • Driving down electricity consumption
  • Decreasing atmospheric emissions including greenhouse gases
  • Recycling key waste streams internally

Teaming up with operators

Our AP Technology™ team works with smelter operators to help improve their environmental performance by:

  • Supplying technological packages with new pollution control features such as boosted suction systems in the potlines
  • Providing operators with environment-related training through our dedicated training institute (IPH)
  • Delivering technical assistance and auditing your pollution control equipment

AP Technology™, a step ahead in solving your environmental issues.